Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Be Careful of FREE lunches

We have all seen them or heard about them on the radio.... You know make 18% on your money with NO RISK!!
If it sounds to GOOD possibly is?? Check out this article

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


heard in the field today, that the company wants to extend our labor contract until 2011.. which might be OK if they would also NOT change the lump sum clause.. I want nothing to do with the corporate bond retirement calculations.. my planner advised that method would cost a retiree about $88,000 on $400,000 then fully implemented

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Poor Uncle Ed

I know alot of you have been worrying about POOR UNCLE ED... so I thought this might let you sleep better at night ,, knowing he was OK>>>

AT&T chief's retirement package: $158.5M
Telecommunications company says Edward Whitacre, a 43-year veteran of AT&T, has helped the firm outperform its peers, newspaper reports.
April 27 2007: 11:18 AM EDT
NEW YORK ( -- AT&T Inc. Chief Executive Edward Whitacre will be given one of the highest-paying retirement packages in 2007, weighing in at $158.5 million, a newspaper reported Friday.
Whitacre announced that he will retire on June 3 from the world's largest telecommunications company. The board had selected current chief operating officer Randall Stephenson to replace him as both chief executive and chairman, he said.
According to a proxy filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Whitacre's retirement package will include $24,000 in annual automobile benefits, $6,500 each year for "home security," access to AT&T's (Charts, Fortune 500) corporate jet for 10 hours a month and $25,000 to cover his country-club fees, The Wall Street Journal said.
Whitacre, who has been with the company for 43 years, and his family will also receive free health insurance for life, while AT&T will pay the taxes on most of the benefits. During his retirement, he will also be paid a little over $1 million for three years for work as a consultant.
An AT&T spokesman told the Journal that Whitacre's pay and pension reflected his position as one of the longest-serving and most successful CEOs in corporate America.
"During his tenure as CEO, AT&T has outperformed its peers in delivering value to stockholders, and Mr. Whitacre has positioned the company to continue to create stockholder value for many years to come," an AT&T spokesman told the Journal.
The real CEO pay problem
AT&T recently announced its profit doubled in the latest quarter and beat Wall Street forecasts, helped by the purchase of Bell South. The telecommunications company has $120 billion in revenue and more than 100 million customers.
Last year, Whitacre earned about $31.5 million in pay, and the company defended his compensation package by pointing out that AT&T provided a 53 percent return to shareholders, the paper said.
Whitacre's retirement package ranks as the second-highest payout in the U.S. among those on file with the SEC as of mid-April, the Corporate Library, a research firm that tracks executive salaries and corporate governance, told the Journal.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Per HR1 you can keep your Life and supplemental insurance only until you reach 65 and at that time Med Life will determine if you are still a good risk after a phyiscal and of course more money

AT&T retirees and employees

I'm the phoneshark from Frisco Texas, I started this BLOG because a few of my friends suggested we could gain alot of information from each other... Each one of us has a different idea or planners that is advising us .. On how to invest, lump sum vs single life annunity, retire/not to retire when,how much to will need, and how much it will cost?.. Just to name a few things. I need your HELP, Please post anything pertaining to our retirement that might be helpful to all of us... any personal experinces that would be helpful My planned retirement is March 2009